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2018 Changqing Development Training ended successfully

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Autumn style, mountains and rivers, this is a harvest season, in order to further enhance the cohesiveness of the company's team, create a harmonious and harmonious collective atmosphere, and exercise the sense of group collaboration in various departments, the company organized all employees to Longgang on October 26, 2018. The Park Mountain Scenic Area will carry out tourism activities.

According to the usual practice, the company got on the train downstairs at 7:00, and arrived at the destination at 9 o'clock - Tigergou Ecological Farm. First of all, Mr. Wang gave a speech, and then everyone started climbing along the Da Kangxi Valley. The scenery in the mountains is very beautiful, and the peaks on both sides are abrupt. Colleagues climbed the mountain while discussing daily life and sharing the little things that were encountered in the work. When the mountain is steep, the male colleague will take the initiative to help the female colleagues in the back. Everyone will work together and unite and help each other to climb the summit. On the way down the mountain, everyone started the “self-portrait mode”, which set the beautiful scenery, laughed and laughed, and the atmosphere was harmonious. At noon, the company prepared delicious lunches for employees and arranged a number of expansion projects, fashion games, tug-of-war competitions, and every employee had a great time.

Although only one day, but everyone knows the true meaning of the "team", the importance of teamwork is realized. I believe that in the future work and life, everyone will continue to help each other, along the way.



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