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After years of development and experience accumulation, evergreen has a deep understanding of the demand differentiation of different industries and enterprises.
Able to quickly provide professional solutions to different needs

  • Experience


    Evergreen has more than 100 experienced first-line production employees, 1200 square meters of independent production base, more than 30,000 sets / month of production capacity, strong delivery capacity to fully protect customer demand.

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  • Team


    Over the past 15 years, the company's corporate clients have covered dozens of industries including medical, mechanical, environmental, logistics, digital, and energy. They have accumulated rich experience in in-depth research and understanding of customer needs.

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  • Efficiency


    The professional R&D service team has won more than 30 patents and industry awards for Evergreen, and has a good reputation and excellent technical service capabilities in the sensing field.

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  • Application


    Based on the concept of creating value for customers, we have established a comprehensive service guarantee. Each product is designed to be applied smoothly, and fully guarantees the customer's customized products and can be effectively applied.

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  • Exclusive


    Allocate exclusive after-sales managers and after-sales engineers to provide continuous after-sales service after the product is delivered and used, to quickly connect and provide after-sales solutions when needed.

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  • 经验丰富


    Over the past 15 years, we have served enterprise customers in dozens of industries including medical treatment, machinery, environmental protection, logistics, digital, energy, etc. We have also accumulated rich experience in the process of in-depth investigation and understanding and meeting customer needs.
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Provide customers with integrated solution services


Professional engineers provide you with needs diagnosis and professional advice

After-sales service

Full-time service team, 24 hours quick response

After-sales service hotline: 0755-89492755
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Email :ivy@szchq.com

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Headquarters address:Room No.1211, tongfang centre building, xiner community, xinqiao street, baoan district, Shenzhen city, guangdong province

Factory address:8th floor one building, NO.2 shadimen street, dalingshan town, dongguan city ,guangdong province

The main products: Force transducer Force transducer2